A journey towards of realizing of the Self

This capsule collection is inspired by Ten Ox Herding Pictures originated in the Song-dynasty (960–1279); it is said that an ancient master was the first one to carve on wood the different steps of this path towards the realizing of the ‘Self’. A series of ten round printed with illustrations feature a journey of the herdboy’s search for an Ox, and each version maps out one step of the journey from finding the Ox, tracking the footprints to recover the animal to, in the next-to-last stage, a transcended world. The circle has been an important symbol in Asian culture. It represents harmony, the balance of the yin and yang and the duality of nature, which is an essential part of oriental philosophies.


OOKONN’s Ox Herding Capsule demonstrates a breadth of artistic expression, including a certain lightness and looseness or diversity, that is different from OOKONN’s generic designs. Our artists work closely with our design team to make your OOKONN piece unique and modern. Each customization is done by hand with contemporary techniques by professionals in our workshops. Each personalized piece becomes unique in the world.